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>> that's deal! >> iow. >>shawne can u accept casey' baggae? >> well, you are very, very sweet and handsome, and i love a man from the south, but i'm sorrcasey, you havetoo ch baggage. >> oh! i'm sorry, casey, but it is time to pack up and go. ank you. ll, we n't ke a matcut remeer, love i a lg journe so tral light. we'll see you next time. good j. >> shawnee, i really thought your kindness and generosity ran a little deeper, but it didn't. that's unfortunate, but now i don't have to worry about being in a five-man rotion. >wel case yoaid you coul't bring e oth gi home our rents.
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we, i can bring a ostite
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headquarters. day being pridens day a hoday, t bank shod be clos as most ban are. rit n we uderstandouan seehe bomb squad is the i full force and tre is ll a street csurein blos wi ni service ocked an reroed f on bck. its a hiday weo n kn what is b police are investiging a suspious dece in dntow san ancio at wls fargo headarters ther will monir thisnd bring you updates. >> san jose police officer is sting afte nearlyeingun overy a suspected carhief pa of a che th stted befoidnight anti- o
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east capital eressway and end in a deadly csh. u have deils from eyewnesses >>nd in e lightf day can sewhat happed lt ght. u c se e policearkgs and sd mar that shohe 20-year-oldsuspect drovethe stolen.u.v.he wrong way and flipped thcar overth tes dlaed ohe roof o e s.u. down this ravine fe om ho. >> get you hand up,o, i fired somee was comg so closedverything u >>lexas ready f bed last ght andeard a lice cha end violently bend his home. >> i ually hear peopl hi thiscorn fasnd i didn't think anything but it w llowed by huge "boom." feet from hisackrd fence la the erturnand mangl olen s.u.v. the driver, 20 years old, dead. it started after 1 last knit
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when san se police offer who has been in the for for 4 1/2 yearmade a traffic stopand another driver staed seding ward him >> t driver of the vehicles mang eye cntact and he knew at th pothis prson was drivg towa him and he jmped on t hoo of t carovoid being hit by theuspt hicl thefficer tk of to cse thesusptfive mis down hiway01 andhree mecars we brought for back. e driv rned oights to evade officugh the streets with speeds up to 100 miles per hour before this fatal crash. >> he was breaing when we made contt a feas iediately onthe scend theytended to him and he died in the ravine. >> as the neighbors watched the scene unfold, their only consation was the massive sponbili law enforcement. >> i ld my girlfriend because of the fa that there are so many cops trying to get the car out we knew we were safe because
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they would be o tre all nit. >> thewere outhere allight throad was blocd off senhours and thpoli offir conssing the area now walked by from the ovturned car they caug two juvenileemales trying to runaway. they are in custody right now. as for e dceas spec tesillbe do to deteine if dgs adlcohol b volv. hiidentityas yo be termed. he has n wlet or identification at the time of the crash. >>hankou. thmother of a 15-ar-o kill i a hhpeedhase descbes r s as agoodid whowas in the wron place at the ong te. he was riding passenger in a car that crashed in a music car on saturd morning killin him and the 13-ye-olddriver the poceay alcohol wa not a factor but the honda was reported stolen days before.
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she said she was not fond ofer sosrelationsh wit th 13ear-d. t she is not poting fingers. >> it was jt an cident an acide. you cannot get mad abou that. authories y the stolen car lost control and crashed as the 13-year-old triedo out unpolice officers. >> a weekend crash involved a ferry boat and one of the boaters died from the injuries. we have video of the 2 speedbt. the accint hapnedaturda ening wn the sfrancio fo i w stck. the vtim is identieds a 68-year-old from orennd di an hofter arrivingt marin general hpital. another personon the boat was inred but no onenhe ferry was rt. >> policofficer atuc santa
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cruz are trying to find a man who beat and raped a young woman who was atcked yestda arnd a wded ph. her attacker hit her in the head repeatedly and raped her. she called 9-1-1 and was taken to aospil 230 -for treaent. is described as a white man in his 30's. the me manould be responsie for two asults agait won in te mison district. police released asketch over the weekend that chosely matches the suspect in the january attack. the latest took place between 22nd and23rd, arnd 1:00 o'clock in the morning. the victim said a man punched her. a similar attack happene january 6 when a man held a won do o eidewk at 23 and church. the victim screamed and the suspect ran away. >> happening now, recovery efforts to retrieve a hiker who
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fell to h death in san jose a the park. over the operation which is currently underway you can see the crew down there plummeting 100' over a hillside on suay e src and recuse crew will ve down the cliff to retrieve the body. the hiker has not been identify ied. gasrices are skyroeting in t bay area. they arup 45 cent i one money and have risen for 32 days in a row because of higheroil ices, oduction cutsnd refiry issue as of this morng we are payg an avagof $4.13 in san francisco, up 46 cents from a month ago. in san jose, $4.08 a gallon a 49 cent increase. in the east bay, above the $4 mannering. a month ago it was $58.
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gas prices are tough on everyone when they rise and amy talked to people wse businesses are dramatically affected. >> imagine having toalance yourusine' buet and dealing wi this, tse pces next t the n francio airpt wher in soutsan anciscga is pusng $ a gallon. people we talked to said yes, they e making some changes >> the irease in ga pris has some tnking aut hw to use less gas. notoing to dri as much be me conseative. try to use aicycle mre. >>thers say e price me them fl heless. >>'m not hay wi the pric but treisotmuch c do outt so ihave sut . >> f thoseho ry g, this dden spik hus. >> ittotall affects me. the btom line, whenou are handy ma ayouare using your
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own tck, yr own gs, it hus. >> john sa hs tck oygets ne o tenil perournd a 13 pcentncreasin tas ices thimonth ss he will t hauchleftor hself at t end of e day. >> i am taking christmas lights down and i cannot charge much for that and i am not going 30' on e latter without a helper and will be lky domake 0. >> mike ive asown car an ys the uexpected irease in ices mast har to put moysideor hself. >> iis so competitiv andyou cannotaise yourprices wn u feel lket. yes, i hurts. >> jump has been so big that he raised his prices last week by 20 percent. >> for new clients, yes. for the older clients no. >> he wod li to pass t cost onut says h can't. >> it is hard to do. eryone i in a pinch
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you did hear him say high is still takin down christmas lits. edictions arehis inease in cost of gas prices will continue through the spring so plan accordingly for abc7 news. >> sti aad,ewevelopment in the murderase ains ympian oar pisrius wit a nepiec of edence tthas st bn covered. >> gathering edence from the meteore explosio ove advaed dital netrk,
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♪ afterheeartache >> mindy mccread who hit the to of the country chas before person prlems sidracked hecare dieranddahter self ilict gshot wods ov the weeke. authorits found th dy on thfroorch o he hom outse little roc arkansa yestery. e same spot whe her long timeoyfriend slot and killed himself month ago. mceady leaves behind two young ss. >>scar pistorius is king a eakreat hiscareer a he ght s mde chge i e deathfhis sur mel girlfrnd. his agt sai thate has canceled all fure track races as the client sits inside aail in south rica thedouble amputee heads to court to fd out tomorrow if he is going do get bl.
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he sd he thought he ws shoong anntruder. published report say criet t was fou in his home authorities from here t southern california e on the look out for ssing ten-month-d by gir th sheriff sayshat ang i miing from home in castrolle. deputiesent to th ho er ildabuse complaint against a 47-year-old man. they have not located either one but have word that the suspect is on his way to mexico. if you have information call the monter sheriff. scienst foun mo an fragnts fr the meor that exploded over russis ural motains d lols alooking r agments but there less intested i scientic val and moren how much th pces n g on-bay liceave waedhe purchase to wch out for fraud. 1,50were injured a 46 rain in th hospital today.
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>> cuds but, sll, reay is. >> a gy day tay youan e the trsitionhat istang place to cooler atheand stmy weathe we hav a cance of showers ad thunderstorms ansmall hail and snowo 2,000 i te y how muchfou are headedo theaferraly. >> big profs a b tax brea how little ceok paying unc sam. >> a new policy a big boxcar is maki permane to fend off lobsterfesis theing of a promotis.
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>> los altos, antioch, paluma, an all the yrea this i abc7 news. >> abc7nchor is traveling to washington, dc, this week, to inteiew esident oba at th white huse. das reports live from washington, dc, air tomorrow evening at 5:00 here on abc7. >> look forward to that. race car driver patrick is making histo. sh has bome e fst man to wi the pole psition for the daona 50. patrick edroun e 2.5 me track innder 46econds a qualying rce acknoedging -- avagin 196 miles r hour. the vasen sunday. >> a npartis wat do group raisg questnsf menl
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pa fabook 2012 tax filing, citizens for tax justice say they foun the social network company befits om discussises r eecute stoc option anhare awards, spite e $1.1 bilon in prit, e goupaid they wi receive429illion tax refunds. facebook spokesman declined to comment. and show oming inhe storesould be stopp by best buy, sayghey wlmatch te pres oflllocaletail competits an 19ajor online retailers and pe tond sh oming where consers look at items in the store and they go online to buy them. bestuy offed onle price matching during the holidays which proved be a bi h with cuomer. >> eveone wants bestrice, value foroney. and now mike ncco...rain is
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coming up? >> rn and much needed snow, ssibly u to a fot. tomorrow or weesday rning arthe better travel days. you can see on live doppler 7 hd it is picking up the dry air right new,nd some ofhe clou e over the ocean adding more moisture so you have a little bit of green over the water and this time tomorrow we will be tracking some storms and some of those cod haveail with them a some brief moderate rain at time. not a complete wash out but one of the best chants we have of rain in about three or four weeks. now, can you see san francisco mostly cloudy and , 3 in kland, near 50rou san jose and sant cruz and livermore om 48 to 50. as we head toward san jose it is oudy, and brighter poibly, the clouds ae thier, an teeratures aunning in nta rosa at 48, and we are in the 50's innapa and fairfield
11:52 am
and gilroy is a cool spot at 45. whatill haen, r the rest today a few pockets sunsnere poiblend cool yterday,nd prey mild t n record-tting, toy we are bew avage. weave a say swerpossle but the bsthancs with cole o wavesf engycoming in tomorw. each i prressel cool so thatmean that ihy th sw lel is droppgoaround 2,0'. the lprit is th cd frt, e pairf lows iell tohe noh isbut thisas ittle bi me moisture tn an other sorm but by our standards r the winter, it is ploy starved and behind it we will have soold air but some moderate t warmer air as we had into the weeke. he is what is hpening morr moing. showers ahea of i ae possibl and :00he font mong throh, s we areoing to se shers delop duringhe morning sh hourand thebest ance with thiold fron
11:53 am
aboutthree-ho window stea rainand you can see the ow up t north bay mountains ad bes ance heed in theafternn hos, and afternoo ofry weathers possle,ockets o y weher beforethe ne syst pul thugh inhe eveni rush hour andyo canee snow developing on mount hamilton. beyond that, it will clear out and get coer fednesday rning. e areas u e aren green in the morning, and itill be sprinkles and thescattered light showers anhe commute wi be affectedhe fuher nortyoure, a where th green a quarr of an inch, ssib5" of ra,an tomoow, ase lo a the sen-dayutlk,he coldest temperaturill be if we espe the 's tomoow and some othe orms could have small ha in the snow lel oppi down to 2,0'nd wednday get a bre and samelipry sle from the rthwest and possiy scatted
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slht shower on thursday,and frid andaturday and sday a ow warng trend good ting foroscaruny and itill b dry and a7 is thonly place to wch t oscars on sund, brua , catchi dowto t biight with the oscar apnd th pass has acss witore than dozen camas atreamin deo. our ap is ailable for ipne, ipa did,nd t kindle fe. still ead apectacul musica fish, a gnd pio goesp i fmesn a bay area beep. why is owner caedhis speccle a "work ar" today katie" a sale to the carsalkingoally fid, d hen hu,nd denzel shingt tod at:00. before copd...
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>> and in san ancisco poce arinvestigatina suspicious paage fod insid a wls fargo heauarts in th 400 blk montgomery street. part of the street is still closed but some encouraging news is there is a store front that was evacuated for a short time and nows re-openedfor busiss. pocere saito berapping up thr inveigatn so sis ththings cld b wrapping up
11:58 am
ere. >> cing up later tayat:00 on "katie" the stars ta about theiravorite oscars moment and on a7 at 40,scar the stue, h you can gen o part of the excitement even if you are not on the red carpet. >> at 5:00, the fast food twitter account hacked turning burgers of one company into another. >> san francisco artist who has been playing an old piano on a half moon bay bluff made sure the mical adveure end with a fry fnish setting the bab grd piano on fire to the concerts h had been rforming before the city shutim dow >>t habeen wonrful theurnif the challeing to see it g up in smoke but i h acouple of idea i feoodabou .
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